Our Story

Run Free Texas is a nonprofit organization that offers a 12 week running/walking program to adolescents. It is focused on at-risk youth who are faced with deteriorating family structure, gang activity, criminal activity, violence in schools, peer pressure, bullying, substance abuse issues and other social challenges.

Our combined education and experience working with at risk populations allowed us to form Run Free Texas and our inaugural program in 2012 will serve the Williamson County Juvenile Probation Department through the implementation of the running/walking group.

It is our goal to invite motivational speakers such as high school coaches, local athletes, and successful entrepreneurs etc., who will talk to the youth and join them in their run and/ or conditioning training. The group will complete the 12 week program through the participation in a nonprofit community race of their choice, which will help diminish the negative stigma attached to at risk youth and their involvement with the law and leave them with a sense of accomplishment.

Run Free Texas will work with local businesses to create individual scholarships for at-risk youth, who have successfully completed the program. The youth can qualify for scholarships that would pay the youth’s monthly dues in an exercise program of their choice for up to one year contingent upon their grades, school attendance and discipline at school.


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